Moroccan Mint tea

Regular readers will be aware that I have a certain… fondness for coffee. Absolutely love the stuff.

What’s not quite so obvious from this blog is that I’m also a huge fan of tea.


The other day I was in Brewbar Espresso in Leeds and fancied a change from my usual so chose the Moroccan Mint from Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Co teapot

The first thing which struck me about this tea was the aroma – you get a really heady mint from the pot, and it’s got such a wonderful colour to it. They’ve mixed peppermint with Chinese Gunpowder Pinhead tea, so this isn’t a brew to go for if you’re trying to avoid the caffeine!

The Moroccan Mint has a big taste to go with the aroma, and the gunpowder tea really gives it a depth of flavour missing from ‘ordinary’ mint teas.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s definitely going to be on my shopping list.

Here’s a close-up of the Moroccan Mint tea itself. The little dark pellets are the gunpowder tea – which gets its name from the appearance of the…

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